Friday, January 22, 2010

Watching "Changeling"!!

hmph...sitting here in computer room...
by right,im suppose go back to my house and have some rest..but the problem is my housemate going back to KL..
he's the only one got car in our,if i go back now, i cant go anywhere later to have my dinner....huhu..
so,i have no choice..i have to stay here until 8.00pm..
at 8.00pm all the girls will go out by i can join them and later i can ask the driver to drop me in front of my,i can have my dinner and i dont have walk to go back..hehe..yay!!

but still, i have 1 hour here waiting until,i decided to write something in blog...hehe..
this morning i wake up at 10am..since i dont have morning class, so i can wake up anytime..
then i grab my laptop, turn it on and start picking movie to watch while waiting my afternoon class which is at 3.00pm..
then i saw this movie entitle "Changeling"..i just got it from my friend yesterday..she said she hasn't watch it yet..
but since the actress in the movie is Angelina Jolie i think the movie should be a great movie..because, usually Angelina's movies are box office movies..
so, i start watching..

The movies based on true story around in 1928. its a story about a single mother and a son..the mother taught the son well..she said.." never start a fight, but once it started u must finish it"..
until one day her son missing..he did called the police station, but according to the police policy, they only take action after 24 hours.

so,the mom wait until morning..and her son still not found..she tried it to the reporter with hope people will find her son...

after 5 months, the police found her, they brought her to the train station with reporters to fetch her son..but when she met the boy...the found out that,he wasnt her son..but the police said, he is him..but maybe because of he's been missing f0r 5 months, his physical appearance changed until the mother cant recognize,this mother just agree and take the boy to her home..

here i put the video of the story..u all can watch it in youtube...

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