Sunday, January 24, 2010

my youtube and blog!!

i decided to promote my youtube profile and my blog to other people..hehe...
at 1st, im thinking like keep this blog just for me and also for other people around the world who do not know who am that i can talk about anything without feeling guilty because i know, no one will read my blog..hahaah..
but since my bestfriend already became my follower, i think i need to be more careful...dont want to write something that can hurt her feeling....(i know im such a good friend..)..

so,feels free to visit my youtube profile by click ME! ..
u can watch my videos, leave ur comments and dont forget to subscribe...hahaha...

this pic taken yesterday afternoon at the beach in Tanjung Karang..
my friends and i went went to the beach together..we walk from our housing area..its took 30 mins by walking..when we reached at the beach, the place not really sad huh..30 mins like not worth..but on second thought its good because i have the chance for exercrise.
there's no white beach for us to run and its only full with friend said its good for mud therapy...haha...good for ur skin u know..hehe..
but after minutes at the beach, the rain started to pouring..we had to ran and back to our house...

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