Monday, February 22, 2010


finally its 22nd of feb!!
after 1 week of stressing study week@ free is the day to judge whether i have enough study or i good enough to be future doctor or not!!which i think im not...

this is the worst study week i have for the past 3 years...since 1st year, i know i dont really concentrate to my study..especially during study week..usually i will start my revision on the 4th day of study week..and that time i will struggle like hell trying to put everything together with hope i can pass my exam..yap!!that's the point!!!u must pass u exam before u can be a real doctor..some people said, when u r study, dont think about passing the exam only..but think about future...but for me, if u cant even pass ur exam, how u gonna have a bright future...

what i did during this study week was..

1. downloading roswell season 1 & 2..complete
2. watching them..complete!!
5. sleep more than 8hours a day!!
7. study??
( busy i am during the study week..huhu..)

and today is my final exam for this semester..for this year..with 1000 of hopes..with nothing inside my brain, i dunno how am i going to answer all the questions..miracle??i hope so...
God Bless me!!!
U can do it Jonath!! Nothing is impossible..

pray for my fren, Ms Pineapple...she was admitted to hospital, suspected with mesenteric ischemia secondary to SLE..huhuhu..poor her..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Make Money with Catcheye!!

i was so boring and depressed with myself coz i cant concentrate on my study..
so..i surf the internet and guess what??!!
i found this one website where u people can make money!!
but i think its only for malaysian...
my friend introduce this website to me..
so i think i should share this good thing with u guys....

what u have to do is click on this link:

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after that, click on

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then, u need to fill some form..just fill it..dont worry...
at the end of the has 3 questions..
all u have to do is answer it..
the anwers are:
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then finish!!!
see..simple right...
then after that, u need check on ur emel..
there will be a confirmation emel..
so,click on it..and there u go...
catcheye will give u 1000 points.
each time u invite other people, u will get 200 points...
collect until 50000 points, u can claim ur point as money!!!

so, what r u waiting for??join now...

its only for fun!!no harm right??

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

StuDy WeeK!! I'm Stress!!!!

ya ya ya..
its my study week..and im suppose study like hell like what my friends do right now...
this is the 3rd day in this week and i only have 4 days left for me to my revision...
the problem is.....i dunno how to start my revision!!!!!tension u know!!!
i tried...i open my Kumar N Clark...i open my Oxford book.. and i even google MRCP with hope it can  initiate me to study but still..i have no mood to study!!


huhuu..i dont want fail any subject for this semester...
last semester i failed O&G..because of last minutes...lazy go go ward...sigh..
jonath2...apa la mo jd ni...
every semester i failed at least 1 paper...even though i only have 2 papers for exam, i still fail 1 paper...Shit!!
am i really that stupid??uhuhu...
o dearest God...pls help me....

sda try baca still x masuk2...i think i read asthma like more than 3 times and i still cannot absorb anything from my reading!!!
FYI, asthma is one of the easiest topic to read..its common..
adoi...sengsara pla hidup x dpt study ni..huhuhu....
everyday i slept more than 12 hours..with hope that i get enough rest and can start my revision....

what should i do???

Download Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady CS v8.0!!

now u can download Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady CS v8.0!!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Download Roswell Season 2!!!

well...actually i dont have any idea what to write in this blog..

for the last 2 days i keep on downloading Roswell..
i know its my study week now, but i cant stop myself form downloading this cool tv series..
i spend most of my time sitting in front of my lappy downloading and watching em!!!
Roswell is one of my favorite TV series since i was 13 and i've been looking for it like forever..
and thanx to HLKC from

its very easy to downlaod..
what u need to do is only click on the links below...





sometimes its very stressful waiting for the next download whne u are using hotfile...because for free user u only can download 1 file per, here i give u 3 links generator...
so, at least u can download 2-3 files in one time...
what u need is a downloader..and i suggest Internet Downloader Manager..
u can download it HERE!!

hotfile links generators:

P/S: pls pray me and my coming exam!!! i need to pass this exam!!no more fail papers..huhu...
and pls do enjoy download our fav tv series!!!

pls enjoy this video~

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy Weekend!!

just another 1 week...i will be going back to!!!
i really cannot wait...i miss lots of places..redbox, tym square..wifi...everything!!!!
but going back to KL @ cheras meaning its time for me to do some revision..i only hv 2 weeks before my final exam..huhu...i hate it when it come to exam..why should we have exams??
i hate exam...HATE!!!!

hurm..i have a very tiring weekends last week..until i dont hv the time to update my blog..bangas already my blog...haha..
so, now i wanna tell u guys what i did last weekend...

~Sunday, 31 January 2010~
i woke up early, at 7.00 am...
because we plan to kutip kerang at the beach..hehe...
so, we gathered at the kompleks at 8.30am..there were 15 of us..3 guys and the rest are gurls...
we arrived at the beach at 9.00++am..almost 10am if not mistaken la..
we went to Pantai Jeram...x cantik at least ok la..
so, we start kutip kerang..mandi lumpur 1 bdan..huhu...
i caught 124 ekor kerang..(kerang got ekor ka??huhu)
we went back in the afternoon...around 3pm because we went lunch and then buy some kerang again and some fish...
balik rumah, after shower trus tido...tired o...i got sunburn some more..huhu...kcian my skin..

then at 6pm they text me come to kompleks to help them BBQ..yeah!!i've been waiting for the sessions since in my Medicine posting..hoihohoho...
so, i walk alone my my house to komplek..kcian one want to take me or hantar me to kompleks..but, makan pny pasal, i dont care!!
so, i help them BBQ and i got 'burn' again...huhu..everyones like wondering what had happen to me..they said my face became red..inflamed la mgkn 2..huhu..
that night i ate 5 pieces of chicken..big one a..not the small one...hehe..
and then got nasi goreng, sotong bakar, sotong goreng,....what else a..forgot dy...
that nite i won 'Nelayan Harapan' and 'Lelaki Kepoh"..haha...
i won 2 gifts...then they call me nelayan kepoh..huhu..
but i dont mind at all...yg pntg kn kn??
i went back home at 1am...

~Monday, 1st February 2010~

the next morning i woke up at 7.20am..because today we planned go to kayak-ing...yay!!!
we arrived at the kayak place at 10am..
u only have to pay rm10 and u can play kayak without time limit..they said if we make reservation 1 day before, we will get free, we need to pay rm5 for the lunch..but ok la..
kayak was fun..this is my second time go kayak..luckily nobody fell into the river..last time when i go kayaking i fell into the water because my partner very big and he dunno how to make himself stable inside the kayak...just imagine he is 100++kg and i only 58kg at that time..huhu...
we went back at 3pm..
back to sleep and wake up at 6...
i just realized i got sunburn again..huhu...itam la balik cheras nnt...

at 6.30pm..i join the chinese group to have dinner at the River View..actually they want to celebrate my housemate bday...Mr Driver and also 1 chinese gurl..Miss Silent Night...
we eat seafood and cake....jgn jeles...(but i dont hv the pic..huhu...)
after that...we went to see Kelip-Kelip@ fireflies@ Blink2 at kampung kuantan near kuala selangor....
here u need to rent the perahu..i boat/ perahu is rm40 and only 4 persons allowed for 1 perahu...
u can see tree full with fireflies and look like xmas was very beautiful..if u want celebrate ur anniversary or bday or dating with ur bf or gf this is one of the romantic places to go..FYI, many tourist from all over the world came here to see the kelip2 twinkling...mostly from Japan, China and Korea (according to Uncle perahu la..)
but personally i dont think it worth to pay rm 40 only to see the kelip2 for 15-30 mins only..what u can do is just sit on the perahu looking at the kelip2 twinkling on the tree and saying 'wow' or ' beautiful' or anything u want to say la..u cant take any pic...unless ur camera very canggih la..
enough about kelip2..we went back at 11pm and we go to my frens house..
they celebrating pre-chinese new year...they bought firecrackers, mercun, oranges, carlsbergs and macam2 lagi la..
we play cards..even though i dont understand chinese but i just pretending like i do understand la..what to do..huhu...
we played until 3am...went back and sleep...huhu...
very tiring u know..but i enjoy la..hehe..
ok..enough for now..
looking forward go back tp cheras next week...
almost all of my reports i copy and paste plus a bit alter from previous group..thanx guys...hehehehe....

Karaoke Using Ur Winamp!!

i found new (new for me) software for karaoke...
now i can karaoke while doing my assignment using my laptop...hohoo....
u guys also can try this software..
just google 'mini winamp', download it and then install...

mini winamp much more better than leolyrics...
ba..p la donwload..p karaoke...

now im busy saving new lyric in my laptop...huhu..