Wednesday, March 31, 2010

O&G Posting!!

finally its over!!!yay~~~
after 3 weeks being attached to Red Ward for O&G posting, finally all the NIGHTMARES over!!!haaha..
anyway...this is my 2nd time being in O&G posting after my 1st posting in June 2009...and thanx God once again i was attached to the same ward...The Red Ward!!~the most scariest ward among students~
here in red ward, i learned lots of things...seriusly..
in this ward, not like other wards..every morning we were asked to join the morning round (COMPULSORY) present our cases...well..suppose every morning..but sometimes the registrars want the morning round end earlier so..they will volunteer present all the cases...hehehe..thanx doc!!
and during the round, they will have some small discussion and Q&A which is help me a bit to understanding the patients progress...
so, every morning like 7.30-7.40am all of us will b in the ward updating our patients progression..just be prepared in case the specialist wants to see how we present the case..
and sometimes, we have to go to ward at night to see any new case or not..
people may thinks its tiring..but actually its not..there's plenty of time for us to rest actually..

i dunno why i cant see all this thing during my 1st posting..during my 1st posting, the only reason i came to morning round that time is to show my doctor that i came to the morning round..thats all...
i dont even learn a thing...huhuhu...

anyway, i hve 3 weeks HOLIDAY!!!yahooo~~~~~
plenty of tyme for me tp joli2..haha..
my exam will be on 27th April..i hope..really hope i can pass this time..huhu...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caught up with Pokemon!!

Whos that pokemon!!!?? sure everybody know what pokemons least sure everyone know it..
there are lots of pokemon in the pokemon world..i cant even remember all their names..
well, different place has different type of pokemon..and each episode will discover new types of pokemon..
they are soooo adorable..i wish they really exist..
its better than having dog or cat as a pet...just imagine, a cute animal that can help u in many ways...hehe..

well, since last week, i've addicted to this cartoon..huhuhu...
paham2 ja la..tym dlu2 xda peluang tgok ba..huhu..kecian kn??
i've been looking for this anime like forever and finally i found it!!!
thanx to ..

soo....for those pokemon fans like me..u can download the full series here!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Cutest Boy in My Class...

look at me!! im the cutest guy in my class..the fairest, and the shortest..hahahhaha.. i know i know...
this is me during my form 1 in SMK Bandau..

this pic taken during our class farewell party if i not mistaken...
from right, Mohd Shahfiq,(top guy,most girls like him..wonder y..i thought im cuter than him..haha...pipiq jgn marah..), Malek ( quite but he knows how to do somersault), Me (the greatest of coz..), Jad (my bestfriend since primary 6, now in Sg Buloh), and Roy (one of the shortest also..haha..)...
i miss u all...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Fav Dusun Song...

this is one of my favorite dusun song sang by Clarice J. Martha and it was very popular few years ago in Sabah. My juniors, Dewi Astrid and Winnie Fred sang this song during 1 Malaysia Festival in Titiwangsa few weeks ago..hehe...enjoy it!!
both of them have lovely angelic em!!!


Adaa oku dika iduanai
Adaa oku dika tongkiyadai
Adaa oku dika pologoso
Adaa oku dika poihado

Ralano Ku Ralan Nu
ondomon ih nupus ku
pogulio ih tupus nu
misanganu kito doh ngoduwo
linasu ilo tadau sinodu ilo tulan
tinamis ilo tongus, sinilau rombituon
doh minandad, koulian, nu doid doho

andasan oku dah gumuli ko
andadon ku gisom koulian nu
vanadan ku salah ku id dika
siou noh tuu nosindualan koh

Ralano Ku Ralan Nu
ondomon ih nupus ku
pogulio ih tupus nu
misanganu kito doh ngoduwo
linasu ilo tadau sinodu ilo tulan
tinamis ilo tongus, sinilau rombituon
doh minandad koulian nu doid dogo.