Wednesday, March 31, 2010

O&G Posting!!

finally its over!!!yay~~~
after 3 weeks being attached to Red Ward for O&G posting, finally all the NIGHTMARES over!!!haaha..
anyway...this is my 2nd time being in O&G posting after my 1st posting in June 2009...and thanx God once again i was attached to the same ward...The Red Ward!!~the most scariest ward among students~
here in red ward, i learned lots of things...seriusly..
in this ward, not like other wards..every morning we were asked to join the morning round (COMPULSORY) present our cases...well..suppose every morning..but sometimes the registrars want the morning round end earlier so..they will volunteer present all the cases...hehehe..thanx doc!!
and during the round, they will have some small discussion and Q&A which is help me a bit to understanding the patients progress...
so, every morning like 7.30-7.40am all of us will b in the ward updating our patients progression..just be prepared in case the specialist wants to see how we present the case..
and sometimes, we have to go to ward at night to see any new case or not..
people may thinks its tiring..but actually its not..there's plenty of time for us to rest actually..

i dunno why i cant see all this thing during my 1st posting..during my 1st posting, the only reason i came to morning round that time is to show my doctor that i came to the morning round..thats all...
i dont even learn a thing...huhuhu...

anyway, i hve 3 weeks HOLIDAY!!!yahooo~~~~~
plenty of tyme for me tp joli2..haha..
my exam will be on 27th April..i hope..really hope i can pass this time..huhu...

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Anonymous said...

best dapat group mate dgn jonat! :)