Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caught up with Pokemon!!

Whos that pokemon!!!?? sure everybody know what pokemons least sure everyone know it..
there are lots of pokemon in the pokemon world..i cant even remember all their names..
well, different place has different type of pokemon..and each episode will discover new types of pokemon..
they are soooo adorable..i wish they really exist..
its better than having dog or cat as a pet...just imagine, a cute animal that can help u in many ways...hehe..

well, since last week, i've addicted to this cartoon..huhuhu...
paham2 ja la..tym dlu2 xda peluang tgok ba..huhu..kecian kn??
i've been looking for this anime like forever and finally i found it!!!
thanx to ..

soo....for those pokemon fans like me..u can download the full series here!!


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