Monday, February 22, 2010


finally its 22nd of feb!!
after 1 week of stressing study week@ free is the day to judge whether i have enough study or i good enough to be future doctor or not!!which i think im not...

this is the worst study week i have for the past 3 years...since 1st year, i know i dont really concentrate to my study..especially during study week..usually i will start my revision on the 4th day of study week..and that time i will struggle like hell trying to put everything together with hope i can pass my exam..yap!!that's the point!!!u must pass u exam before u can be a real doctor..some people said, when u r study, dont think about passing the exam only..but think about future...but for me, if u cant even pass ur exam, how u gonna have a bright future...

what i did during this study week was..

1. downloading roswell season 1 & 2..complete
2. watching them..complete!!
5. sleep more than 8hours a day!!
7. study??
( busy i am during the study week..huhu..)

and today is my final exam for this semester..for this year..with 1000 of hopes..with nothing inside my brain, i dunno how am i going to answer all the questions..miracle??i hope so...
God Bless me!!!
U can do it Jonath!! Nothing is impossible..

pray for my fren, Ms Pineapple...she was admitted to hospital, suspected with mesenteric ischemia secondary to SLE..huhuhu..poor her..


CoNnie said...


Btw serious bah si nanas admitted? Say get well soon to her for me :(

jonathan john said...


ok ok..sda dia kena disharge td ptg..ok sda la..
hm..teruk jg ba 2..suspected mesenteric nasib baik lpas CT angio semua normal..
tp dgr2 dia ada hepatoslenomegaly la..clinically..
kira seriusla ba 2 jg..kcian ni..huhu..

marmasri said...

hv faith in u!!

i'm sure u cn do it...:)
wut u hv to do now is focus wit ur xm k?

gambatte :)

p/s: i'm sorry to hear bout anas..huhu..pray dat she'll be recovered soon....

jonathan john said...

thanx mar..
good luck too!!

Anastasha said...

=) im fine dy wat.. =)))))

bru la tau amcm prasaan pt yg dpt kna dischrge...

jonathan john said...

she's fine already!!

Anonymous said...

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jonathan john said...

thanx ya..